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Game in Production

Planned release on Steam (Early Access)

This game will be released through the Steam Direct program.

The title will be "Survival Method".

Game Summary

A zombie outbreak occurs in a certain city in Japan. 
A resident of that town, Nao Fumizuki, finds herself in the middle of this outbreak
Hordes of zombies, lunatic towns people, lack of resources, collapse of society...
How will Nao survive in this zombie infested nightmare?

Game Features

  • Survival in a post zombie outbreak world
  • Survive by crafting traps and shelter from materials to withstand zombie assaults
  • Survive by growing and finding food stuffs to keep your hunger and thirst from stealing your health
  • Fight raiders and looters for resources
  • Crafting system including bases, traps, weapons and armor
  • Wild animal hunting
  • Farming 
  • Zombie rushes
  • Secure drinking water
  • Overarching Story

Genre: Open world survival action

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